Saturday, July 30, 2011


Lillian story of frustration is how I felt before stumbling across Phil Maffetone's Two week test for carbohydrate intolerance, and discovering the low carb world of alternate theory of diets. The self testing makes it apparent to me that much of what is said is true for me.

It is sad that we, the population have become dependent on the medical industry. We do not need to be if we take care of ourselves, and learn how to eat Paleo, Primal, real food low carb aka LoBAG, or any of the other methods.

The reason this propagates comes back to the old story; If a priest could remove all evil, would he? for when he did, he would be unemployed and unneeded. The medical industry is in the same boat today, but they would only be half unemployed, for they do much other good.

It is now my opinion that with giving up sugar, grains, omega 6 oils, and all manufactured foods, anyone can lose weight, and low carb can correct blood glucose issues. Follow something like "A Complete Guide to Achieving Normal Blood Sugars Achieve normal blood sugars Dr. Richard K. Bernsteins Diabetes Solution." for even non diabetes will correct blood glucose issues.

In order to lose fat weight, our blood glucose must below 4.7 mmol/l (85 US mg/dl). Glucose 1 mole = 180 gms, so the factor is 18 between the units. When glucose is high, our body will burn glucose, not fat.

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