Sunday, July 24, 2011

Grain Pushers

Grain pushing is a crime against the obese and grossly obese. There is a big difference between people who need to lose a few pounds and the obese or grossly obese. Comments that may apply to those who need to lose a few pounds are harmful to the grossly obese. Moderation does not deal with food addictions.

The gross obese need a life style change that understand digestion physiology can bring. Addicting food should be completely avoided, just as alcohol must be avoided for the alcoholic.  There are no essential carbohydrates, and carbohydrate consumption increases hunger in many overweight people. The grossly obese need to follow a no sugar, no grain, no omega 6 oil plan for life for long term recovery.

Grain pushers, sugar pushers, and manufactured eatable product pushers do a major dis-service to the obese.

No SGO6, maintain a honey badger attitude.

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