Sunday, July 17, 2011

Addiction to Food

Suppose some foods or combination of foods are an addictive substances, now that we know bacteria can manufacture dopamine and serotonin, and these both are addictive. Or rather, the food feeds bacteria, which produce dopamine and serotonin which feeds the addiction. Now, the simple solution is to live on foods that the bacteria who produce these substances do not eat; or do not feed dopamine and serotonin producing bacteria. But I do not know what those bacteria eat, but sugar and carbohydrates seem to be addictive. I will start there.

To aid this suppose we drink cold water, which slows bacteria growth. Is this why cold water reduces hunger?

Maffetone has his two week test for carbohydrate intolerance which is similar to Atkins Induction, lets just add cold water to the protein, fat and green vegetables. Sounds like Bernstein now. This is another n=1. But this is day 4, since after getting back, I went back to Maffetone to get started another cycle of cutting.

Hunger is slightly reduced, but sill there and temptation is always present. The low impulse control and leaky memory are always present. Energy is always low anyway.

Any comments or other ideas?

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