Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Calories-the Accounting

Calories are an concept that has limited use for weight control, keeping in mind that Atwater factors ate plus/minus 20 percent at best, and for some people +- perhaps 50% for some food groups. They are useful with a scales, for approximating sizes of portions, but the final adjustment must be based on change in weight.

Calories are like the accounting, they may keep a record of the past, but contribute little in the management of the body weight. (but everything is negative) If a company was loosing money, the first thing to go would be the non-essential loss leaders. Each product has a separate gross profit, just as foods. I equate carbohydrates to the loss leaders. They provide a high contribution to the fat building through hyperinsulinemia. After that, we need to look at the quantities both fat and proteins. The fats can contribute to fat growth, but on the whole, we do not need that much of them while we lose weight.

Cut the carbs to some low level, set the protein at some level, eat enough fat to not get hungry is what Bernstein says, and vary the fat to adjust our weight. That works only if we can do it. Addiction, compulsions, emotions, stress, and our lives push us off the plan. Such is life. When we fall off, dust off the crums, and get back on the plan.

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