Thursday, July 28, 2011

Exercise during weight loss

Non conventional advise for weight loss is to do resistance training.

Exercise during weight loss is critical to prevent muscle catabolism, that is the use of our own muscles for energy. This is a real occurring physiological process, and is destructive. Resistance training of some type is most suitable. Machines are the safest for obese and grossly obese. Take ever muscle to "failure" once per week at no more than 75% of your maximum strength. Resistance training stimulates anabolism, which will help with weight control, once the excess weight is reduced. Tabata, high intensity, SS, and similar forms have similar effect. More information can be found at

The amount of calories used is the sum of basic metabolism plus exercise. Unless the exercise is long duration, the total energy does not amount to much, and exercise will make us hungry, so we eat more. Intake must also be controlled, which is easier for me on low carb program. No sugar, grain, or omega 6 oils.

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