Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mad Cow

Today I was attached by a mad cow on the internet.  I will not be commenting on other blogs in the future to prevent attracting the attention of any other negative aggressive personalities.

There are too many people who cannot withstand considering that there understanding of obesity is not complete. Overweight have lesser issues than the grossly obese. We gross peoples often have food addiction, and she could not accept that. Oh well, shit happens. Mad cows exist.

I still believe that omega 6, sugar, grains, dense starches are addicting. The only proven treatment for addiction is complete abstinence. Moderation is a suckers game and does not work, at least for those who have addiction issues. Complete abstinence of these become a new lifestyle. 

It is obvious that not all people are addicted, and I do not represent anyone. Mad cow just exist. Maybe it was her time, or I was just there. Oh well.

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