Tuesday, July 2, 2013

what if

What if this is as good as it gets? Can I live like this long term, weight wise?

Seneca, another old Roman, said" For no amount of wisdom enables one to do away with physical or mental weaknesses that arise from natural causes; anything inborn or ingrained in one can by dint of practice be allayed, but not overcome." 

How long can I tread water? as Crosby put it.

Are these food cravings be genetic/ chemical/ and can never be overcome?  

This goes along with another quote "there is no use explaining the facts to a man who's paycheck depends on him not understanding the  facts."
If food addiction is a natural chemical condition of small group of the population, not an addiction or habit, we simply must learn to overcome the natural chemical drive of nature to survive. 

Does anyone offer such services?   To overcome nature.... just do this... that is exactly what you need and you are in luck... just what we sell.

FO religious people. You have nothing to offer. Gods are concepts, incorporeals, real ideas but do not exist, but are "sayables" like time, ... voids ... and other concepts. The best single argument against gods is the multitudes of deities; it is likely that they are all just concepts, rather than any one being " the one." I study stoicism. It does provide some help without offending reason, or more correctly, because of reasoning, I study stoicism. 

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  1. Good thoughts. Great quotes...and so?
    If we are weight stable, as they say, and our numbers are okay according to whomever...then what must we do to maintain our "Good Health" or the absence of disease?


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