Sunday, July 14, 2013


Dr. R Peers

Inositol sounds like some miracle stuff, cures anxiety, depression, gives you energy, kills food cravings, curbs booze cravings...

be wary, very wary, of such products...

Inosital - Do I make enough?

Is it available at the local Walmart? No, not in Canada. It can be used to make plastic explosives. OK, do I want to consume 5 grams of something used in plastic explosives anyway? Made from corn in Iowa.

Where does it occur naturally?

Some fruit is satiating.

Paleo typically says not to much fruit.

Self test required. Some of cantaloupe, oranges, grapefruit at every meal until the hunger/craving disappears, or this does not work. Give it a week.  


  1. Wooo has long used (and sworn by) inositol. however, i seem to remember once that she thought some she bought was "cut" with powdered sugar -- something i guess one needs to be careful about. :-(

    "Neither the inositol nor the phosphate in phytic acid in plants is available to humans, or to animals who are not ruminants, since it cannot be broken down, except by bacteria." wiki says, though, so i'm a little suspicious about upping my fruit intake in the hopes of getting more inositol....

    if you try it, please keep us informed about what you think!

  2. Goodness another comment from me!
    Just wanted you to know - your font size works great for me now. I hope others agree.Thanks for listening, much appreciated. Words of caution may be required, if anyone says a miracle cure can be found for anything - research well before jumping in.
    Just my thoughts

    All the best Jan


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