Saturday, July 20, 2013

Rabbit Starvation

Can one become obese and not have any energy through rabbit starvation?

"If there are enough rabbits, the people eat till their stomachs are distended; but no matter how much they eat they feel unsatisfied."

Is this one of the causes of the obesity epidemic?  Is the problem not enough fat or too much protein?

This sounds like the bends. Is this mild nitrogen poisoning?

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  1. i'm still a believer in malnutrition-based "overeating." that's how i used to feel back in the low-fat '80s and '90s -- i could be full-to-bursting, but not SATISFIED. within the last couple of years i learned that i had to take in at least 75 g of protein plus a generous amount (unquantified) of fat, ... and then i'd be content! for me, i think this is probably driven -- at least in part -- by the fact i don't convert carotenes to vitamin A very well, and my body craved it. when i don't take my cod-liver oil, i really notice ....


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