Sunday, July 21, 2013

Protein Reqirements

Most of the modern protein requirements are based on when the body's studied start to produce nitrogen, aka burn protein. Those values are therefore maximum requirements, not minimum requirements. And then there is the issue of individual variation, how far below the mean am I, or how far above. Since excess protein make me hungry, I now believe, the often give advise to not be low on protein may be just plain wrong.

Orientals live on rice and little else, 8% protein. The Irish lived on potatoes (7% protein) after about 1510, and little else, a bit of fish, dairy, the odd animal. WHO says 5%. Most vegetables have +30% protein, and the vegans do not have protein issues, but other issues. Protein is not something to worry about, unless it is excess.

Typical value of 1 gm/kg LBM may be high by a factor of 2 of where the target should be, if we even should care about it, as long as we can tolerate that amount.  Fat, -O6, is more important.

It would really piss me off if my whole life obesity issue is simply the result of eating too much protein. Protein is need for growth, but a lot less is needed for maintenance. What study shows the requirements for a 60+ low activity male?  

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