Saturday, July 6, 2013

Natural Appetite Level

If there is a characteristic individual natural appetite level, there should be something like a normal distribution of the property. But how does one measure appetite, let alone get enough data to be able to say anything about it, especially distribution? 

Well there is an easily measurable surrogate for appetite, and that is free range weight, before we start to perturbation appetite with substantial rational self mediation of weight. That would occur in 5 to 7 year old children, and what would that distribution look like? Normal distribution, perhaps now skewed to the heavy end, but 50 years ago... perhaps normal distribution. The numbers would need to be normalized by some factor for body type or height; however, even those could be affected by energy and nutrient intake. 

So if appetite variation is natural, and leads to a greater body weight, where does this leave the diet industry? No where, just as they are today. Confused. 

A search for "natural appetite level" brings up.... "People who stay thin do so because they (often by accident) eat the right amount of food to match their calorie needs. Their slimness tends to be a combination of the body shape they have inherited, their natural appetite level, what they eat and how much exercise they get. Research has shown they do not have naturally higher metabolic rates than other people and cannot magically spirit away calories."....the other end of the problem. (
 But this shows that others also think there is a natural appetite level.

Herbalife is a marketing of diet products organization. 

Now that we have identified the possibility, what does this information do for my continued recovery?

But then what do I know?


  1. Gary Taubes has remarked that you have to square the calorie intake idea with the animal kingdom. Do the leaner cows run around the pasture or take smaller bites?

    What about other primates?

  2. I tend to believe appetite will depend on a lot of things, but diet (ie, food choices) is definitely one of them.

    Body weight "set point," if it exists, depends on diet. I don't think it continuously defends the highest level achieved by driving up appetite... just eat "better," & it goes down.

  3. Just eat better and appetite goes down eh. I have been eating clean for a long time and my appetite is larger. I do not believe, and my history does not show this. It is therefore my opinion that there is something else set the weight like a natural appetite level. For us "easy to fatten" people, weight gain is automatic.

    I am the black swan to your opinion.


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