Friday, June 28, 2013

Now that obesity is a disease...

Now that obesity is a disease...will someone find a solution?

To find a solution to a problem we must first define the problem(s). Obesity is not one, but a series, and so far, few are looking in the right location. Beyond the carbage being promoted as food, there is a systemic problem that is being ignored. 

Eastern, Stoic, and older western philosophy, as philosophy was defined in Stoic time, the art of living well, sought to reduce or eliminate "desire". Modern philosophy seeks to satisfy desire. When we apply this small change to our eating habits, we get obesity.

Our human desire for food is naturally stronger than our need, to provide for time of famine. But enough is enough, until it becomes excess. Nothing succeeds like excess, or should that be nothing exceeds like excess.  Our desires need to be throttled by reason. But full on satisfaction of  desire make a population of consumers, and that is the problem, not obesity. Obesity was a symptom which has become the enemy, but in reality, we have seen the enemy, and they are we.(Pogo)

But what do I know.

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  1. You are right Fred so many times we are our own worst enemy.Life, food choices any choices is not easy. Obesity for many is not easy to deal with. I am not a philosopher but so called modern living does us no favours.

    All the best Jan


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