Sunday, September 29, 2013

Omega 3
The Journal of Nutrition shows a surprising connection between omega 3 and physical activity. An observational study of 344 healthy adults living in and around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, found that those people who had regular physical activity had more omega 3 in their blood — and were therefore at less of a risk of heart disease — than those who didn’t exercise.

Omega 3 is good for the brain and heart, but where did it come from? do we produce it or release it when we walk or exercise? Or do people with more Omega 3 just exercise more because the was to, or are they health nuts, taking O3 and exercising?  Until that is answered what does this mean?


  1. In general omega 3 (EPA and DHA) favours fat burning over fat storage.
    The effect is cancelled out by high omega-6, and also by sugar and high-GI carbs.
    It's possible that inactivity, promoted by 0-6 and sugars (i.e. fat storage) also helps decrease 0-3, but my guess is that you are seeing the benefits of a lifestyle favouring 0-3 over 0-6 and fast-acting sugars.
    See for example the papers linked here (including comments):

  2. Thanks George. I just put you onto my blog list so that I could keep an eye on your posts.

  3. Or is the increase in O3 concentration just due to other fats being burned, as O3 sparing as it were? Either way, walking is good for the body and brain.

  4. "walking is good for the body and brain."

    Agree with you here Fred, I like to walk. There is a saying, I think, which goes something like this - "fresh air and walking is good for the heart and soul" perhaps some one made it up but I know I feel better for some fresh air and a walk.

    All the best Jan


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