Friday, September 6, 2013

Processes of change

Last day we looked at the stages of change; today we look at the processes, as stated by others:

  • Understanding, acquiring specific information as to the effect of the change. This implies we know what to change.
  • Opportunity to vent their feelings, change is hard, dramatic relief.
  • Self-evaluation, how and what to change and the need for other goals in life.
  • Environmental reevaluation, pros and cons of the environment to foster change. For food issues, this is a big one, dump the food pushers, and the evil persons who create temptations. Perhaps we need to cost / benefit analysis of having and not having those people in our lives, (or TV), both short and long term.  
  • Self-liberation, believing we can change, perhaps learning about motivation of self, commitment to change, perseverance to change, a whole attitude adjustment.
  • Developing supporting relationships, activities, and people. (implies dumping or displacing non-supportive).
  • Continue change in thinking (philosophy), consistency of maintaining change, (implies reevaluation of the changes made, and upgrading where necessary). 
  • Rewarding self, (motivation?)
  • Avoid negativity, aka stay positive, strong, directed.
  • Maintenance - big picture goals  
I will add two more in the weight control area, not letting others force me (I, you) back into an unhealthy pattern of eating, even if it is convenient for them, aka persistence for our own needs.  This is related to the other; fixity of attitude, and insistence on a suitable environment for recovery.  

The difficulty with low carb is not the difficulty of low carb, but of the culture I live in, the bloody food pushers, temptresses, and the carb pushing culture. 

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  1. "not letting others force me (I, you) back into an unhealthy pattern of eating, even if it is convenient for them, aka persistence for our own needs"

    Excellent point Fred.

    All the best Jan


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