Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Exploring the process of change

The process of change is not a straight line
but rather a looping process.
We need to decide to change,
what to change, why, and all those
other issues, and then to do it,
and how to prevent relapse.

Somebody divided the process
into five steps or stages:
- pre-consideration; I is what I is,
and the world is all screwed up,
- consideration; perhaps I could do
something about that myself,
- contemplation; how does one change,
what should I change, and why,
- action; active change,
- maintenance; the new normal
- relapse; phase two.
It says 5 steps, but I count 6,
but that does not deal with the points in detail.

Somewhere we need to get to a finer split
on the change process.

We need to figure out that it is us that must change
to be able to live in a screwed up world,
and it must be us that changes.
This includes accepting that
much of what we know is wrong,
and we do not even know what parts are right.
We must start at zero and test everything.

We can take a shortcut and
adopt that which we have been told is true,
but what if we discover that to, is wrong.

We must have a system of testing if a concept,
an idea, an image, impression, or judgement
is better that what it is to replace,
and if it is, then upgrade.
It is a series of choices,
a group of decision,
not just one choice or decision.

Fix up the past, and our relationships
keep on testing on the way through, reject anything


  1. Your best yet, in my opinion! :-) keep it up, Fred!


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