Friday, September 20, 2013

Excessive appetite

It is amazing how much information there is if we look in the right place, and find the right name for the problem.

Excessive appetite is polyphagia.

It seems that sugar, fructose particularly,
is a big producer,
or rather creates a big demand for insulin
and the body responds with insulin,
and sometimes insulin and adrenalin
or epinephrine and a bit of insulin.

A shot of  epinephrine stops the muscles
of taking up glucose at least in rats.
but just an abstract.

So waking up scared and hungry, anyone?
Yes, every morning,
or just frequently or continual scared,
primed for flight or fight,
and soon the hunger starts.

So why the insulin effect with fructose?

Insulin is not used in the fructose to
energy conversion in the liver.
So why insulin and epinephrine,
spelled two pine and her,
caused by fructose?
but just an abstract.

Is this an adrenaline problem,
not just an insulin problem?

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  1. Too much sugar, too much fructose, and the increase of fructose in recent years can not help the situation.

    All the best Jan


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