Thursday, September 26, 2013


Our ability to taste,
and our liking of tastes
has a big impact on our diet.

Vinegar, as far as I am concerned,
is a vial tasting,
vial smelling substance.
To cover the taste,
some people add sugar
and thence make it poison.
Take a fine cucumber,
and spoil it with vinegar,
and then rave about the taste...
not for me, thankyou.

So what is the point?

Same with lemon juice,
beyond a squeeze per gallon.


Take a good sirloin steak
and destroy it
with a teriyaki marinade,
and rave over it.

Overeating is sometimes the result
of insufficient enjoyable food
at the previous meal,
or someone trying to get fancy
for people who do not like some tastes.

And does some slight food dislike,
or aversion, or allergy
cause release of adrenaline,
possibly as a method
of clearing it from the stomach,
perhaps to much insulin also,
to deal with the glucose,
and thence to produce hunger sooner?

Did I wolf it down because I did not like it?
and then satiate on stuff I liked?


  1. oh, brother, do i know what you mean -- take a good steak and destroy it with the marinade.... :-D

  2. A steak should just be plain. I suppose you could put a 'healthy' dressing on the tossed salad being served with it.



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