Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Causes of Obesity

Once we figure out a specific cause of obesity,
and address that cause,
the problem should dry up and blow away,

In the past I have tried to list the causes of obesity
beyond the obvious overeating,
but the causes for overeating are alusive
and yet critical in understanding
and overcoming the problem.
I will not call it a disease,
for it may be a choice out of ignorance of the cause.

Much of my recovery has come from
understanding carbohydrate induced
nutritional displacement, wheat addiction,
and considering many products
as not real food.

But is there also fat nutritional displacement?
AKA use of fats to satisfy appetite for
no reason other than to
make green leaves more palatable? 

So is this another human habit that is
causing nutritional displacement?
Was use of oils for salad dressing
common before 1900?
If we look at http://www.gutenberg.org/files/13923/13923-h/13923-h.htm#Page_168
salad dressing had little fat, little sugar.

But then what does all this mean?

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  1. "But then what does all this mean?"

    As usual Fred you give us cause for thought on a subject that has many variations.

    Yes, some find an easier answer to their obesity problem where others are searching a long time. The path is not always easy, but one we should endeavor to get to the end and find OUR answer.

    All the best Jan


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