Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Obesity breakdown

Obesity, (not including overweight) is a problem without a defined cause, but we all know it is some form of overeating, but why overeat, and how does one stop? What are the causes, and how do we get away?

Knowledge of food and human body.
Knowledge and commitment to change.
And other factors.

What do I mean by philosophy?
There beliefs that we all hold.
Some of them are just wrong.
If we replace some, wrong or right,
with other beliefs,
the problem stops being a problem.

Sugar and grains are not food.
That single "arbitrary rule" get rid of choice
Without choice, there is no decision.
Life becomes simple.
Frugal, not, but simple.
No omega 6 oils,
that eliminates much more,
No processed foods,
no acellular carbohydrates.
Chopie I know,
but that is the way I think.

This is the filter between stimulus and response.
I do not eat that which is not food.  

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  1. Liking this new look, new feel about your posts Fred.Don't know how other readers are finding it but it works for me.

    All the best Jan


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