Tuesday, January 3, 2012


On my other blog, I have speculated on a combination of Buddhism, and OA. Then I encountered a site that combines Buddhism with real food diet, without ever using the term Buddhism. How interesting. The connection/source is obvious. http://www.drbass.com/

The concepts of this old philosophy are different than any other religion, and it offers solutions to issues that are older than Christianity. It is much more logical and larger in volume that any other. It has 25 to 30 times as much instruction as Christianity, and although there is repetition, and much clarification, portions are much more dense in content than Christian writings. There are difference in style, that is it cuts to the heart of the mater rather than skirting about using long stores to make a simple point. Some of that has to do with the cultural differences or societal differences.

In all, I find the style much better to relate to than Christianity with its dominating,  unexplained, you cannot understand it approach, just believe the bullshit approach. It is not a weakness of the human mind in understanding, but rather a weakness in the lack of plausible description, that give me problems with christianity and islam.

Just because we can conceive a question, does not mean it must have an answer, or that we need to know the answer. It is OK to not know the answer, and not even care that we do no know or cannot answer a question. It is alright to not even try to answer it, and not even care.

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