Friday, January 20, 2012

Alberta's Effort

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How successful have you been in the past? How are you going to measure success?  What is different to suggest that your success will improve?

There are a wide range in recommendations as to "How to recover". There are a group of obesity doctors who's obesity recovery success is notably better than others. I choose to follow them, while studying how to loose further but maintain something like a EOSS Class I stage 1, having come from Class III stage 2-3. ref

Until your program bans consumption by the obese of sugar in all forms, grains in all forms, especially wheat, excess Omega 6 oils, and all manufactured foods, your success will be limited. The first primary reason to ban these is these are all appetite stimuli, and secondly largely empty calories. There are a long list of other reasons not to touch food containing these dangerous substances.

Alberta produces much of these products. I doubt that there is the political will to push against the these products, so good luck with success. That is not to say that it is not a worthy struggle, but I fear limited success without a careful definition of success.

The second reason that your success will be limited is that overeating is largely a psychological issue, or a imprinted reactions issue, after knowledge of food content and body requirements is obtained. It is a problem of difficulty of following the diet, dealing with the constant cravings, the desire to eat, by some method. Alberta has never been willing to pay for psychological counseling, even if that could help. Obesity is largely a individual social dysfunction, that can only be corrected by a major change in personal attitude sufficient to bring about a "willingness follow the diet" attitude. All I can do is wish you good luck with this social engineering project.

Those of us who suffer from a insulin responses to glucose that seem to be exaggerated, or would be diabetic on a carbohydrate rich diet, the choice must remain low carbohydrate, high fat.

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