Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Perfect Storm

The obesity epidemic is the prefect storm of at least the following factors:

  • Low cost sugar, HFCS, and all the sugars, of which many of us have a biological desire for
  • Low cost and plentiful long chain carbohydrates that split to glucose rapidly, taste wonderful, and many of us have a biological desire for
  • Insulin driven cravings, resulting from consumption of to much glucose, contribute to the consumption of additional glucose
  • Omega 6 oils, high in calories, low in nutrients, which many of us have a biological desire for
  • Low physical need of output, sedentary lifestyle, brought about by computer, computerization, energy sources, particularly electrically controlled equipment, mechanization, and few physical jobs.
  • Culture of food sales, pushing food, revitalization of the food industry with sugar, carbohydrates, omega 6 oils, and manufactured products.
  • Culture that is not adapting in this generation to the changes in our food supply
  • Transportation, refrigeration, that makes 24/7/365 supply of fresh fruits.
  • Continuous supply of all foods
  • General societal ignorance of the causes of obesity and/or lack of will to act, going against our very biology, desire for carbohydrates. Sure, we need a little bit, and some can use a lot of carbohydrates.
  • We no longer have a culture, but an new blend of technology, and other pursuits. It has no traditions beyond pushing of food and overeating.
I need to step back from what has become a sick society or sick culture, and recognize that I need to live as my ancestors lived, to survive longer. It is the culture that has changed, along with the foods and food supply. It is them, not me, that are sick, but I am the one that must learn to deal with the shit that they dump on society.

Pollution from the plastic, weed spray, low nutrient chemical fertilized foods, nutritional displacement, and the like will be the next generations problems. Food poisons, dose dependent; sugars, fructose, glucose, oils, manufactured products, caffeine, are destroying the people. Government with immigration policies, language policies, are destroying the population unity and what we had as a society. Fear of people is being promoted as a solution to population diversity, density and easy transportation.   We know that these contribute to obesity.

I have no direct decedents, only nieces and nephews, and their children(&grands), cousins once and twice removed. They, the young, seem to be adapting better than my generation, and the 40+ group. But what do I know?

In summary, most of you, society, culture are all sick, just f*&* sick, but that is your problem. I know the solution, and that solution is to go back to my roots, physical labor, and lower polluted foods. Do not look to government for help, for it would make government go against their money source. We are on our own. Those of us in the Paleo/LCHF/locovore net community.

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