Thursday, January 12, 2012



“Diet is arguably the single most important behavioural risk factor that can be improved to have a significant impact of health”

Behavior: blame the fat person but that is government, and when they followed the guidelines, weight increased. How about that?

Note that the Australians are gaining weight, and eating more carbohydrate like there guide says, and there government says the compliance is not good. WTF. It is the people fault, they are not doing it right. Screw government, eat no carbs when we want to lose weight for a bit.

That's too many carbs and too many calories = INSULIN HI THERE.... = fat tissue growth = I AM STILL HUNGRY AFTER 2500 CALORIES

And then there's leptin, leptin resistance, mainly due to triglycerides.

And one more that talks about the problem, but has no practical solution;

So there you have it, we are fat because us weak willed people eat to much carbohydrate and eat when we are hungry, and don't do enough exercise. I am going to the rec center.

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