Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cravings, a number of separate causes

In an exchange between and myself, it is apparent to me, once again, that there are numerous causes of cravings, some physical as insulin induced food partitioning, mineral and vitamin deficiencies, and mental induced cravings, from abundance of hypepalatable food, susceptible to advertising, and temptation, life with compulsive over feeders. Some people do not accept that other cause even exist.

Each separate type of craving requires a different approach. The physical are easy to deal with: a good vegetable and animal diet, a bit of fish, perhaps a few supplements. The mental cause are not so easy: especially our life is adjacent to food, or involves other people who happen to practicing overeaters, disordered eater, or other foodies. Add other issues and...

Those of us with low impulse control need to control our environment more to avoid the cravings, because without avoiding the cravings we will eat. Avoiding the food is also necessary. Where we are not in a supportive situation, this is not easy. Xmas shit make it even worse.

Controlling our environment will mean life changes, habit changes. Very little TV, no prepared food available, and at the same time, allowing the wife complete freedom. Not possible. Something must go. Reminds me of a song.

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