Monday, January 16, 2012

Computer Filter of Web Sites

This AM, Dr Sharma post has some interesting but limiting ideas.

My response:

There is a category conspicuously absent, that is the blogs those who are in the process of recovery, or maintenance of recovery from obesity. On these sites there is a tremendous amount of information, some of it correct, with regard to recovery, what does not work, and what does. The only way to know is to test it on ourselves.

These type of sites have provided me more recovery that all the "official" websites. The information is free, and not filtered. It is obviously biased, but where that biases works, that is what we need. Many of these people are down 100+ pounds, and some for many years.

It is obvious to me that obesity is a complex subject, and recovery and maintenance even more complex. It has degrees of severity, and what is suitable for people with minor problems will not touch the issues of severe cases. Some of us have parts figured out, but know we lack in other areas.

Most of recovery is a result in the change of attitude and growth of our knowledge over a wide variety of subjects. Our outlook on life, on food, on our society, on the government, on food "experts", on nutritionists, and the medical establishment has changes. We have become more discerning, persistent, and much less willing to accept bullshit.  

From the great Jimmy Moore, here is a sampling of such blogs:

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