Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Diet summaries

This fellow has some diet summaries. Here are a couple of interest:
From one, 12 emotions that can cause cause issues:
Anger  Frustration Sadness Fear 
Understanding: you must work through the first 4 emotions to get to this more positive point when you begin to understand what your bad food habits are and accept them 
Trepidation Envy Boredom Relief: the beginning of the positive emotions that should be enjoyed
 Joy: comes after you have achieved real results; try not to sabotage it with negative thinking
 Contentment: the final emotion experienced once people realize their weight loss goals

What are my rules:

Do not drink calories
Eat only when hungry or on schedule, usually 301
Meat, fish, green vegetables, animal fats, butter, coconut oil, a few roots and seeds occasionally, ever second day or so, more if normal weight.
Odd bit of fruit - once or twice per week
As much exercise as we can stand
No manufactured oils, manufactured eatable products.

 good luck at following this.

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