Monday, December 5, 2011

Social Pressure

Sharma says:
At this moment I am sitting in a session on obesity in ethnic populations listening to talks on why, for e.g., the very concept of weight loss goes against many traditional cultures and indeed, losing weight or being skinny is neither socially desirable nor a sign of good health.
Emotional, social pressure is not just in "ethnic" population. I was raised in such an environment, but of course that was a "ethnic" home. What home is not "ethnic"?

It was likely less hassle for my parent to overfeed me, than anything else. It was all about get through life, getting through this summer, getting through winter, more than living in the present. Weight control was not an issue of interest to them. That was life. Today the Canadian government does not support low carb life style in there food guide, nor does Sharma. How can I believe they are serious about having a healthy population? 

Does the belief system of my youth, that I am attempting to revisit, and root out all the non-rational beliefs, effect or control my attitude to weight management? So perhaps I still retain some wrong beliefs that are causing me problem in today's society. More reason to abandon anything that is not based on logic. Ban all religion from my life. Christmas be gone. It is one more pagan/religious occasion where the compulsive over feeders and competitive cookers of the world shine. I will just have steak, thank you.

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