Friday, December 23, 2011

How Does one Philosophy Replace a Earlier one?

How Does one Philosophy Replace a earlier one?

With this being the Yule season, lets look at the Christmas concept to see how theologys have replaced earlier ones. First was the yule, shortest day, change of season, equinox tribal culture feasts, perhaps gathering of the clan, likely a feast, traditional equivalent to a pot luck, or eat what you got type celebration before the winter. Christians came along 2000 years ago and hijacked that with a rebirth of the new year/birth of their god. Churches added domination, control by fear, Hell concepts, (damnation, purgatory ), profiteering. It evolved, the Germans added a tree, Norse add rain deer, the English added gifting, and the modern era has taken it to excess in every way possible. This morning, on the radio, there was a charity beg-a-thon. Oh well, shit happens. ( it used to be--- so we stopped for a beer.)

It is not replacement as much as displacement and augmentation. Philosophy work the same way, often light sneaky pressure, availability, a better idea, a new idea, a meme here and there. Displacement, augmentation, never completely replacing, but often improving. It is the old tribal cultures that try to force their philosophy on the young and others. Logical will sell, and be picked up because it is better, more true, or superior in some way. Even Buddha alluded to this, in his "do not take because the elders, teachers or other say, but test it, and if it is right, adopt and live up to it" speech.

With food we need to reject outright some new stuff: sugars, fertilized grains, manufactured eatable products, perhaps some imported/transported fruits, and keep control on volume some way.

When we sit back and look, we are not the same as we were, in our youth or earlier. We are in a constant stat of flux, impermanence. One more for Buddha.

Atkins diet, or Maffetone Two week test is a sudden change in our lives, but I drift after that toward lower carbohydrate, real food. Sugar is more or less gone, grains, more of less gone, manufactured eatable products, more or less gone. I now eat real foods, without much preparations. (except for sausages). I like to think of it as something I could make, and generally have at least once in the past. I still have a weight problem, but it is much smaller, but not a nutrition problem. We have tested the status quo, and found it lacking. Some of us have adopted some portion of diet changes.

I still have a life problem; I just do not want to do anything. I feel like the way I see others acting... ( you know who they are) : no motivation, no desire to do much, no enthusiasm... but it is politically incorrect to name them. I need a energy transplant, a motivational transplant, something.

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