Wednesday, December 7, 2011

shortage of knowledge

A few day ago, as a comment, on Sharma's Blog I stated:

On low carb diet, the management of BG and insulin resistance is done mostly from the low end by the liver, so the problems becomes much smaller. Obesity is the result of insulin resistance. To beat obesity, we must manage insulin resistance.
Biochemical hunger, biochemical cravings and appetite control are all much easier to deal with from a good low carbohydrate diet, as are weight issues. Here is a video that describes a good low carbohydrate diet for other reasons:
Later some one claimed to not be insulin resistant, and that insulin resistance is not the problem. So I responded:

Not Insulin resistant, EH. By what measurement? To gain weight, part of you is insulin resistant.
Insulin in the portal vein is 2 to ten time higher concentration than circulating. In order for the majority of insulin and glucose to get past the liver, the liver becomes insulin resistant. First pass effect. Once glucose starts circulating, the muscles suck up most, (also a first pass effect) until they are getting near full, and then each cell becomes insulin resistant, as the method of stopping over feeding. The fat cells are still taking in glucose and fat. The insulin resistance test is looking at whether the fat cells are insulin resistant. Once those at cells become insulin resistant, we are on our way to excess glucose, and all those related problem. Insulin resistance starts in the liver, and then muscle cells, before the fat. Look it up in biochemical references. By the time the test says “insulin resistant” we are well in weight gain, and likely dealing with obesity issues.
To really beat the weight problem, we must eat to deal with insulin resistance at the liver, and maintain insulin sensitivities at the muscle cells level.
Good diet is a learned, both information and behavior. The problem comes when we have biochemical, social, emotional cravings of hungers, or food clue hyperpalatability appetite stimulus issues that get us started into overeating/addiction or addiction like behaviors, which we then must overcome along with the other listed.
It is not a single problem, but a whole group that must be overcome in one massive strike, with lots of external resistance and wrong information from all sides.
The only way to develop a suitable diet is with real information about the food and what it does to our body. We need very little carbohydrate, adequate protein, and some essential fats. The remainder can come from either fat or carbohydrates. The downside of carbohydrates is high insulin, insulin resistance, and appetite stimulation. As a ex-obese person, I do not need appetite stimulation.

We also need income, exercise, activities, enjoyment, education, philosophy, social life, and a bunch of other things.

Weight is a surrogate measurement for health. The weight of it's self is not critical, but it is a measurement of how things are going. Weight change is critical, as are vital signs.

Take humans, with a continuous supply of hyper palatable foods, add appetite stimulating foods, hunger stimulating foods, good marketing and political support for the marketing of food and you have obesity everywhere, our current situation.

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