Thursday, December 15, 2011

Social Engineering

social engineering
(Sociology) the manipulation of the social position and function of individuals in order to manage change in a society

assumption -- "Belief systems exert a greater control on human behavior than laws imposed by government, no matter what form the beliefs take".

Social Engineering is the concept of planned events to bring about a change in the social fabric of society. For example, suppose the government wanted to fatten society up, what would they do? Make food ever available, economical (heavily subsidized), hyper-palatable, high in carbohydrates, addicting, heavily advertised, and socially encouraged to eat any time we could. Grain (starches, iodine will blacken) fits the bill best, with a little help from sugar and omega 6 low cost fats. Is this a conspiracy? Well, do you thing the government is that organized?

Now perhaps the escape from the obesity epidemic will be social engineered? I do not think so. It would mean the end of Big AG and big Pharma. Not likely from a government initiative. There is insufficient political will. The knowledge is readily available within the low carbohydrate net community. The government and much of the medical community is not supporting such a movement, for low carb would mean a end of big AG, big Pharma, big medicine, and erosion of the income of those peoples.

The world has only perhaps seven day of fresh food ahead, but the process system is quite good and keeps us, in North America, at about this level. Grain is another matter. At this time of the year, we have well over one year's supply, perhaps closer to two years supply. If we were to cut animal feed to a minimum, perhaps three years. It makes scene from a supply of fuel point of view to maximize grain production, and not worry about vegetables and meats as much. We humans want our meats, so we keep the system sort of running; however, in some areas, we are not doing so well. Just a few years ago, on the way into town, I would drive by perhaps a thousand head of beef on the hoof. Now, I cannot see a single one. Mad Cow, and the pricing has destroyed the viability of beef here. No dairy anymore either. All gone elsewhere. A few horse as pets, a bit of GM grains, and a bit of hay because its's there. As the demand for food occurs, the agriculture industry will respond. The demand change will not be quick. We will have time to adapt.

Social engineering has two components, education, learning, training, a cerebral portion,  and the application, or the action portion. To beat the overeating issue, obesity issue, whatever we call it, the cerebral portion must come first for lasting success. Following a prescriptive diet will work as long as we can stay on it, but without the logic and social pressure to stay on it, success will not last. That is where education, learning, about food and why we should eat in a particular way is so critical to lasting recovery. Social change will follow.

We can break the cerebral portion into dissatisfaction with the present condition, desire for change, some less than useful learning directions, surplus information, wrong information, misdirection, before we find and get a fix on the proper channel. Once we get it, we need to grow that knowledge outwards from us, because it will not have official government support. It may even have government resistance.

The main thing such a movement would need is a clear purpose beyond recovery of ourselves. Create a sustainable food movement, where all aspects of human healthy diet are logically considered as well as propagation of that knowledge to others could be a lofty enough of purpose. Good human health, with food as medicine. Social reform into a healthy society. Understanding of Social Engineering. Understanding the workings of a healthy mind. Understanding humanity. Separating tribal customs/religions/ from reality. All of the above. None of the above. I do not know. 

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