Thursday, December 15, 2011

Life Between Meals

Weight loss is as much about life between meals as it is the consumption of real food. We need activity that we enjoy. Work that is drudgery drags me down so bad that I look for any excuse to do something else, even eat or more precisely, it become difficult to avoid eating. But the drudgery need to be done. Self-employment has it's down sides. What are the choices, pay heavily for the drudgery or do it? I can make more money doing the drudgery than the work I like, so do it I must. Oh well, shit happens.

Perhaps I can move it up my priority list, and thereby getting small doses at a time, but frequent doses.

Priority lists are a great concept for sorting out what is important. What is more important; a bit of money or a ugly project? What more important; a bit of money or a client who wants to control what I approve or a design parameter that they know nothing about?

Decisions become easy when we are not desperate for cash.

There are so many people studding obesity, and so few studding the recovery, and what makes the mind and body make that turn to normal weight, normal eating, and what that really is. It is that turn to "normal eating" that is so difficult. Maintenance of  near normal weight is maintaining the thought process that allowed recovery long term. It is appetite management, avoiding cravings and hunger, avoiding addiction, compulsions, and enjoying life as well. Not easy for an obsessive compulsive. I need something healthy to obsess over, that is not tiring. Oh well, it might happen.

I do not enjoy writing nor do It well enough for it to become an obsession. Time to get back to work.

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  1. I think you write very opinion's a little biased, admittedly, because I am also a metabolic syndrome person who is obsessed with nutrition, carb/sugar crave cycles and their causes and effects and the ever-more-sinister influence of government on Big Food, Big Food on government and of both on the public health and belief system. SO please keep preaching to the choir!


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