Friday, December 16, 2011

Leptin Kick

This fellow has the idea of a Leptin Kick

Lustic claims insulin is blocking the signaling.

The only thing is that the effect is real. It takes very little food to set of the effect, whether it is the leptin kick or a rise in insulin, blocking leptin signaling. Hunger and cravings follow. To avoid the meals need to be small, all of the time.

Sharma has started to look at carb control through the days at

My comment: Why stop at just low carbohydrate through the day? We humans need very few carbohydrates, adequate protein, and a bit of Omega 3 fats. The remainder of required energy can be made up of carbohydrates or fats. We are going to get enough O6 regardless of what we eat. Lots of vegetables to provide minerals and vitamins, and fat works. Without large insulin production, hunger is not as much of an issue.

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