Friday, December 9, 2011

Pick on Sharma

Sharma at site points out the problem weakly, not clearly. I thought about posting a comment, but after the last exchange with one of his/the party line disciples, I decided not to lead with my chin.

The food industry (big agriculture, big AG) pushes sugar in all forms, which we know consumption of is the cause of diabetes/metabolic syndrome, and the pharmaceutical industry (big Pharma) pushes drugs. Both generate "grate" profits. (yes it bugs me).  Researchers study the whole thing, funded by both, and will never find an answer, for when they do, they will be unemployed.

We all know there are two method of treating diabetes/metabolic syndrome, eat sugars and cover it with drugs, or quit eating sugars, and some will need treatment, but much less. It is their individual choice.

To avoid sugar, eat labor intensive organic vegetables and grass fed meat, wild fish, with natural animal fat and some natural plant fats. This is what humans ate before 1900, or WWII. The big AG and big Pharma cannot make money of that; it is also difficult to collect taxes off. There are also too many people to feed, but we richer/growers can survive. The remainder will get sicker and sicker, until evolution changes man to something that can live off sugar. Those who's lines who cannot adapt will simply die off, or live as described.

There is little government support for such a diet/lifestyle, likely due to lack of taxing ability/revenue on home grown. Big AG and big Pharma are not going to get behind such a movement. So the medical/nutrition/metabolic profession has a choice, stay free of big AG and big Pharma or be seen as part of the money cycle of big AG and Pharma. The choice is yours. Live sick or live well.

As an old AA said, "yha can't win a pissing contest with a skunk".

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