Thursday, November 10, 2011

Default Behavior

Eating and drinking have become default behaviors to many of us. We do them before anything else, any time we have time not accounted for or assigned to other activities.

Eating need to become just a necessary body function, to intake energy.

Insulin Resistance is a regular occurring condition anytime we overflow the liver and muscle cells with energy. That is we are insulin resistant, --- aka  --- insulin rising, as is blood sugar, in order to store glucose and/or fat in fat cells. This implies that we become insulin resistant after a feast, after any larger meal. The energy is sent beyond the liver. When we are insulin resistant, there is a lag time between insulin going down, allowing the release of fat and glycogenesis and the start of actual release.  This lag time may be the internal starvation, shortage of energy at the cellular level, window of cravings, something like turbo lag.

This suggest that small meals may be the way to avoid internal starvation cravings, by staying below the insulin resistance threshold, that is never overflowing the liver, and allow the liver to dole out the energy as it sees fit.

When we are insulin resistant, out body want to stay that way, possible due to a survival advantage of eating while there is food available. The trick is to fast or fat feed down to low insulin, and then stay there with small meals, to stay insulin neutral, and below the craving threshold, and above the hunger threshold. Four meals is sometimes required.


  1. Excellent post. Way too few people understand this and have a hard time believing me when I explain that smaller, frequent meals of whole foods are the key to keeping blood sugar stable, banishing cravings and achieving fat loss. The science behind it is not that difficult to grasp and once you actually eat the right foods at the right intervals, the results are immediately evident.

  2. Exactly. It took me close to sixty years to rap my mind around this. I could diet easily after the first week of hell. Maintenance is still an issue.


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