Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Causes of Insulin Resistance

A clear understanding of the factors that led to insulin resistance (IR) may be required to avoid it.  Overeating leds to IR, which leds to difficulty burning fat which leds to hunger which leds to overeating. IR is the first step in the cycle.

First, muscle and hepatic insulin resistance(IR) do not necessary happen together. Fat cells becoming insulin resistant is diabetes, more or less. But insulin resistance is the first step in putting fat on, at any time. The liver is full, muscle cells are full, it is time to store fat.

  • Glucose in excess is the first cause of insulin resistance.
  • Fructose causes insulin resistance
  • Overeating of any kind - excess sugar will be turned into triglycerides and cholesterol. 
  • Peat Ray says PUFA above a few grams cause IR
  • Adrenaline - flight or fight response causes non-essential IR
  • Branch chained amino acids (Cross linked), soy protein, corn fed beef, animals fed oils to fatten them- pigs, chickens
  • Trans-fats, Omega 6 partly hydrogenated and others
  • Omega 6 oils in excess, beware deep fryer, and oxygendised oils 
  • a bunch of other odd proteins
  • caffeine

Insulin other effects
  • Insulin stops the use of fat as an energy source by inhibiting the release of glucagon.
  • Anytime your cell is exposed to insulin, it is going to become more insulin resistant.
  • When you are insulin resistant you will have trouble burning fat
  • and excess sugar will be turned into triglycerides and cholesterol.
  • Insulin is the fat storage hormone. it locks fat into fat cells. 

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