Sunday, November 6, 2011

Lack of Satiety Signal

In both the Lustig via Dietdoctor and Kessler, the missing satiety signal is noted. Lustig says 18% have insulin resistance due to some defect, and that screws the satiety signal. When I was a kid, before extremely heavy widespread sugar consumption, there was about 20% heavy in my class at school, and I was by far the fattest. I was never full, aka no satiety signal.

For those who say insulin is part of the satiety signal, it is when it is low. But if it is high, locked on high, what is the satiety signal? So then I have no choice but to use diet to lower my insulin, low slow carbohydrates, no omega 6 oils, trans-fats, no corn fed beef, and exercise.

The missing Satiety signal is likely the key to weight loss and weight gain. Eat just enough to not get excessively hungry. No missing meals. Metered meals. There is no choice.

We cannot depend on our bodies to tell us when we have had enough. It will not do this for those of us who have no satiety signaling. Satiety is just a concept. We need to live with 100% of our meals metered, in some form, and yet be able to stop eating at that point. Record keeping, weighting of foods, preparation methods, and the like are the key for now. e need to eat enough that we can stop, and not so much that we gain weight. This is tight food control, much like Dr. Bernstein recommends for diabetics. The carbohydrates may also be one of the main keys, to keep insulin low.

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