Friday, November 18, 2011

Advise of an obesity expert

An obesity expert stated

"Indeed, such a policy discussion would likely need to be prefaced by a fundamental societal discourse on what we value as individuals and as social beings - everything from how we make and spend our money, raise our kids, build and nurture relationships, and find spiritual meaning, purpose and balance in our lives would likely have to be ‘open game’ for discussion."

Are we ready. Most obese persons looking for recovery do not hesitate at such things. There is a obesity related disorganization that has been doing this for fifty years, with some success. Is the establishment ready to understand the problem and accept the solution? No processed foods.

We know that obesity is driven by insulin resistance, insulin resistance is driven by too much food, both carbohydrates and fats, but what drives overeating, the cravings, and what drives them? No clear answers. Food cues, or a natural process of greed, desire for more, or internal starvation as we go from excess insulin to fasting level of insulin, when fats can be released from storage? We simple need to suffer through this stage of life. There is no other solution, but a days fasting will do the trick.

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