Monday, November 7, 2011

Daily Intake

The daily intake of any vitamin or mineral is a continuum between none and a poisonous amount. The typical government recommended dose are often in the sub-clinical deficiency zone.  That should not be.

There is a second issue, that our individual dose varies with our size, how well we absorb the ingredient, and how much we individually need, and our storage of the constituent.  Most of us are short of magnesium, zinc, vitamin D, and iodine.

 Consider vitamin D, where the government recommended daily dose is 400 UI and to maintain a suitable serum level, many of us require 6000 UI per day. Now consider the sub-clinical effects, bone loss. Now, whatch ya going ta do? 

Consider Iodine, to much causes loss of appetite. Sub-clinical deficiency causes cravings, which led to overeating. In Canada, we have to go to health food stores to get iodine, to rub on a patch of skin, to allow it to be absorbed through the skin or over consume salt. That is one of the contributing factors to obesity. Iodine drives appetite. 

Consider all the industrial foods that are produced under government control and we need supplements. Turns out that much of the industrial food of the 20 and 21 Century is and will be vitamin and mineral deficient, more suited to storing and shipping than consuming. It is time to abandon all industrial food and look out for our own health. It is time to stand up for individual food producers, organic producers. The only foods fit to eat have not been processed much. 

I am getting militant? Is it time to join the occupy movement or the middle figure movement?      

Is it time to take personal responsibility for our health? Is it time to learn nutrition or to hire that service?

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