Saturday, November 12, 2011

Treat Insulin Resistance

I am beginning to think that weight loss diets should be designed to treat insulin resistance, not reduction in calories, which will likely result. Small meals, protein and fats, none or small amounts of added fats, and no more that 100 calories of unprocessed carbohydrate. Do not eat again until we are getting hungry. Check AM BG level, and when it gets to be stable at 4.7 (85) we should be allowing our livers to control our blood sugar from the low end. This should avoid cravings.

It is also my opinion that IR is the actuate condition, that if not treated with diet becomes obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, etc.


  1. Makes sense, since it is probably diet that causes it. Our bodies can handle intermittent overfeeding, but not the kind that can happen when you combine a more sedentary life with nutrient-poor, high calorie processed food.

  2. Yes,some can handle intermittent overfeeding, if we have health metabolisms. Some of us are born with damaged metabolism. I know that now, as my mother was in rough shape, as she "had eaten non-stop" (according to an aunt). I was grossly obese as a child.


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