Thursday, April 21, 2011

Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies

It has been suggested that some obesity is caused by cravings for vitamin and mineral due to deficiencies, resulting in overeating of food that have trace amounts of the mineral or vitamin with copious calories. This is certainly a simple explanation which could explain some obesity.

There is some evidence that some deficiencies cause cravings. There is a correlation between the probability of an person being obese and deficient in numerous vitamin and minerals. Remove the deficiency and perhaps the craving and desire to overeat may reduce.

Hyperphagia is a bitch of a condition, with or without a “formal diagnosis”. For some of us, it has been a lifelong struggle. Perhaps excessive broad intake of vitamins and minerals is one more part of the solution, to deal with potential mal-absorption issues. In my case, I obtained some relief. It may be placebo, I do not care.

First we must learn what good nutrition is, by the science. Food with no or very little bio-available nutritional should be eliminated. Just take the chemical additives. I personally think that sugar, ground grains, and excess manufactured oils have no place in healthy human diet, unless that person is of normal weight and of good health.

It is my opinion that for children to recover from obesity, the parents must first begin the process. Children learn best by following, and living in a healthy, in respect to food, environment. Any whole food lifestyle will do. Nobody looses weight living at a smorgasbord or from a deep fryer.

Have you suffered with Vitamin or Mineral Deficiencies? What alerted you to the condition? 

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