Friday, April 29, 2011

Food Reward

 at speaks of the reward our brains receive from the act of eating food. A boring repetitive diet may be useful for weight reduction: Eggs for b, soup for two meals, maybe a little chunk of steak, 6 days /week, fish the other day. OK I guess I need to do a test for a couple of weeks.

Some in-da-vid-ual, not to be named by me, but referenced by Yoni, thinks obesity - overeating is a behavioral problem. OK. Lets list some Behavioral problems. Bigotry, stupidity, abusive behaviors, alcoholism, drug  use, rape, murder, gay, excessive sex, smoking, etc. So what does that label really mean. We do it because it is our nature. Overeating is not something we like doing, it is something we seem to be unable to stop doing, where our nature is telling us to do something which is not good for us. I think she displays a big lack of understanding of the real problem for a Doctor. If we could change we would. But our damn nature keep telling us to eat.
I am not a dog, food is not a reward. Any views on the subject?

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