Thursday, April 28, 2011


Today, Dr Sharma talks of many of the issue of overeating, and got me thinking again. He seems to have a issue with the eat less, move more, ELMM, philosophy. I thing it should be eat less carbohydrates, move more, ELCMM. But really, what other ultimate choice is there? The Inuit, it is claimed, have a 25% faster metabolism in the winter, reportedly from eating raw fish adrenal glands, but that does not appeal to me.

The issue is being satisfied with much smaller meals, and life between meals. Depression, indecision, dislike of our work, activities, or boredom due to lack of the same, as well as any emotional, obsessional, compulsion, lack of impulse control, living under or around a control freak, working for a control freak, being unable to leave due to financial reasons, (fear of poverty), fear of being alone, fear of people, as well as stress, sleep, time issues all contribute. Ultimately, we need to get to a place psychologically and philosophically, where we can do what we need to do to survive well and prosper, and live with a reasonable food intake. I needed to be independent, not caring enough of what anybody things or do to effect my intake of food. I could binge mulling over an irreverent comment, direction, or criticism of a some in-di-vid-ual for the lack of a better term.

I cannot and will not live in a temptation situation, with low impulse control. This goes back to staying off slippery slope if we have fear of slipping.

Sorting out what food should and should not be eaten takes some work but sooner or later the rules become clear. The spud can be the dividing line. They are not allowed in many diet, but Chris Voigt lost weight on the potatoes only. It has a caloric density of 0.8 C/gm, and a nutritional density of 3.5. The method of preparation also effects these numbers, so mashed, whipped, scalloped and french fried are out, but boiled, baked, roasted, poached, all with skins are in. Anything that has a higher caloric density, and lower nutritional density should also be out. That includes sugars of all forms, grains, cereals, except for glutinous rice, oils, and all manufactured eatable products. Screw the food guides, dietitians, and big food companies.

Trans-fats and all deep fried food must be out for AGEs, the thing that cause plaque.

Appetite stimulus must also be out; sugars, grains, omega 6 oils, coffee, artificial sweetens,

Caloric dense vegetables, roots, fruits, rice, proteins, and the like must be of convenient portions, and yet be adequate to satisfy, and the total calories must be less than our daily BMR+EE to be stable or loose slightly. I find it is easier to cut 500 to 1000 calories that 100 per day, I do not know why.  Danger of getting over-hungry and binging is always present. Nibbling make it worse.  

Dr. Davis says Real Men do not eat Carbohydrates. I agree for stable weight, but not for weight loss. I have always yo-yo-ed, so I am seldom in that situation.

Working on the living between the meals is what I feel has been the biggest help.

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