Wednesday, April 27, 2011


It occurs to me, after watching some of Dawkins, referenced in NephroPal, that obesity is just natures way of adapting to a sedentary life style of a population, combined with a excess of processed calorie dense foods. Some of us have a choice, a personal choice, adapt or die a slow and painful death of obesity related issues. Nature is blunt, but effective.

Insulins' first task is to shut off other energy sources, then to dispose of excess sugar to prevent glucose overload. This includes down-regulation of glucose freeing processes, down-regulation of fat release, up-regulation of glucose uptake processes. It is logical to do what we can to down regulate the production of insulin to loose weight. 

The issue of hyperinsulinemia occurs when glucose is suddenly released, and abruptly ends, resulting in a insulin spike, an offset in the glucose and insulin time-concentration curves, or the insulin being out of phase with the blood glucose concentration. This does not happen with fiber bound sugars, but does occur with manufactured sugars and modern grain, and processed foods. 

Insulin down-regulation should include but not be limited to small meals, well spaced; exercise, and anything that lowers digestion and calorie uptake, decreases efficiency of energy conversion, and reduced intake of appetite stimuluses --- carbohydrates. It is noted that fructose is calories without insulin; however, on the first pass the liver very efficiently smelts fructose into fat make-ins; hence, to fat. Fructose is therefore no a friend to weight loss, regardless of popular opinions. 

It is therefore evident that a low carb with controlled portions of protein and fat is necessary for weight loss. For the last almost two years, I have been nearly weight stable with uncontrolled portions of food, mainly meat and vegetables with a little fruit, odd bit of oats for fiber and a few nuts. Finishing the weight loss will require additional effort to cut intake.

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