Thursday, April 21, 2011

Quality of a Meal for Weight Loss

Every diet has rules as what to eat, when, why, etc. But how do we determine if it is a good meal for us to loose weight on? -- Put the numbers too it. -- The diet potential is equal to the number of calories in the meal divided by the time to before we get hungry, in C/hour. If this number is equal or less then our general metabolism rate in C/hour, it is a good weight loss diet meal. If the number is greater, it may not be such a good meal.

When we are loosing weight, we burn everything we eat... well not Necessary. We burn all the fat and protein, but not necessarily all the carbohydrates. The unburned carbohydrates may be stored as glycogen in the liver or muscles or as mucus or in fat cells as glycogen, all mixed with water, at a caloric density of  about 1200 C/kg to 800C/kg, depending on who said it. In my life the number appears to be about 900C/kg. Fat may be burned for energy. This is why we can actually gain weight on less than our BMR for a few days. We are storing water and carbohydrates. Cut the carbs and watch that water go.

The BMR, basic metabolism rate will vary by who is defining it. All subtract the exercise energy from the total, but some also subtract digestion energy, voluntarily motion energy, excess heat production, and the like and call the remainder BMR. Some use the total metabolism rate while exercising, some use the difference between the resting and the exercising rate, some do not make the distinction and just use the numbers. Some of the "research" is crap, but the job is to sell research, not find a solution to the obesity problem that has developed. That not to say that the research is not useful; much is valuable, but it must be closely examined.

When I use a food scales, eat consistently for several weeks, and maintain a constant weight, I must be in a metabolic energy balance.  But there is a problem with the numbers; at 60% carbs, I only require 1500 C/day, and when I am a 10% to 20% carbs, I loose weight at 1800 C/day. What gives? Calories in- Calories out is only good for a uniform sort of diet. I stay lower carb most days.

So what mix of carbs, proteins, fats do you eat and why?

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