Thursday, April 21, 2011

Appetite Control

In the process of weight loss, there are only three things that we maybe able to control; the composition of our meal (carbs protein fats), the quantity of food (if we can stop) and the space between meals (if we delay hunger or cravings do not start).

"Maybe able to control" from the first paragarph, is a statement of the uncertainty of all this. There are five components; actions,  thoughts, feelings-emotions, beliefs or concepts, and the physiological. We should be able to control or actions, except when physiological forces become to strong, and then be-damned, I am going to eat. Thoughts, well I cannot totally control then, and no one can, but we can avoid them, and distract ourselves.

Appetite control, energy without turning on appetite is one of the methods; aka boring meals. Chris Voigt's potato diet, the cabbage soup diet or other similar low stimulation foods may be a method of reducing the caloric intake for a meal. If strung together, they should be useful in calorie restriction, as long as we do not make up for it at the next meal.

Ultimately, for any diet to be successful for weight loss, we must control our appetite, and eat less than we burn, and thereby reducing stored energy.

What do you do to control your appetite?

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