Thursday, April 21, 2011

Impulse control

To understand impulse control, and how to develop more might be useful. Evolution of the self, to a higher plain, where temptation is not a concern is a loft concept. Natural ageing may do some of that schooling, but a few search may add more insight.

I grew up under parents who had low impulse control. I remember one time in my youth, that my father saw a screw sticking out of the old truck tire. ( it was before 1961, I remember the truck) He just had to get a pair of pliers and pull it, and even then I knew it was the wrong action. Of coarse, it went flat, and I had to change the tire or walk home. He just could not leave the nail in there and go to the tire shop, and get it fixed. He had to pull it, it was his nature, or so I thought. Could it be he had lower impulse control than I?

It seems that avoidance of the situation where low impulse control is problem may be part of the solution, short term. If you do not want to slip, stay off slippery slopes, until you get crampons.

Low impulse control can be obtained by "rewriting our biological scripts" as it were in programing parlance. In my case it may be to the point of disorder. It is pure toucher for me to sit in front of a bowel of nuts without picking. I just have to get up and leave. Those who want to toucher me this way do not have my best interests at heart. I keep swearing I will not go back to friends who do that to me.

Resistance to low impulse control can be learned. It is a maladaptive. Usually accompanied with choosing gratification over long term goals, hedonic motivation, problems dealing with frustration, deprivation, temptation, and have difficulties dealing with emotions, anger, anxiety, sadness, poor boundaries setting and maintaining, and other negative issues.

Boundaries are another concept that I need to explore further.

Do you have impulse control issues and what are you doing about it?

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