Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The purpose

The purpose of this blog is to help others and myself in our search for a lower body weight by summarizing available information in one location over time. Much of weight management is largely a way of thinking; hence, philosophy. We need help as soon as we decide to loose weight, or to overcome overeating. It is my hope to provide guidance as to how I overcame overeating, one step at a time. As I examined each individual cause of overeating, the problem reduced in size, and became easier to deal with. The basic approach is to understand the separate causes and resolve each cause. This entire approach is spiritual, with a little philosophy, bio-chemistry, nutrition, psychology, physiology, mathematics, decision theory, thermodynamics, and engineering thrown in just because it showed up.

Ultimately, there is a solution that is independent of the causes, that is to give up our control, our desires, our own will, enjoyment of food and the like and follow a food program and perhaps a program like Overeaters Anonymous. The issue is always staying on the program with all our internal desires and external pressures. For me, I needed to learn much more than the initial blush of following a food program long term.

The food program had to deal with issues like hyperinsulinemia, hunger, appetites, reasonable nutrition, and be sustainable for me. The food program had to fit my lifestyle. In the end, I just adopted a simple lifestyle, complete with a food program. All I needed to do was adjust the portions a bit, and become willing to follow it all the time. There is the rub.

Many people including myself eat for many reasons other than pure hunger. Once I got to the point of only eating at time of pure hunger, the weight began to come off. It has not been easy to get to that point, and some of the time, I still loose it, and need to adjust my thinking back to the straight and narrow. Usually more learning and letting go is required.

These causes be broadly grouped into physical, emotional, and spiritual. Nutrition, physical additions and addiction like behaviors, philological reaction to food components, habits, traditions, personality characteristics, wants and need, cravings, shortages, surpluses, food costs, availability, temptation, occupation, upbringing, our own evolution of self, ancestry and many other concepts all play a roll in the overeating. (under-eating if you are so atypical)

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