Monday, October 31, 2016


warning- mental wanderings -fiction

What would the genes think about gays if genes could think?

Well, you see, we reproduce, but we are not in control, for there are epigenetics fouling up the works. Some day we may adopt some of there changes or not. Oh well, we do not always throw true copies, some are just damages, bent, twisted, reverse twisted, kinked, methylated or acetylated. We try to throw true male and female, but some just are not quite true to their intended type. We could just junk those when we see the error, or we could let them live, and be productive. Some help the survival of the true sexes, and some are just there. It does not matter?

Speaking of junking some, we try, but you humans get in the way and provide care for the defective ones. This produces a burden on healthcare and mental health that need not be there. It is the human choice to expend great effort to salvage the poor, and let some of the good expire due to lack of care. Oh well, that is human doing and is out of our control. We can only influence the headstrong, stubborn, indoctrinated, fixed ideologies type humans among you. You have picked up collective ideas that create issues between you individuals, where minding your own business would be the preferred behavior. There are many humans that have fixed wrong ideas and beliefs that need correction.

Those of you who have not thrown true can live happy any way they want, for often there are more than one issue. Oh well, if we were perfect we would not mutate. Some mutations are necessary for survival under extreme conditions and through population bottlenecks. There is no reason these cannot get together and live in common couples or groups for the remainder of their lives, natural or extended by human interference. Death is inevitable, suffering is not. Each can choose. If it bothers some to see the strange, they can look the other way. We ignore many of the population anyway, what is a few more?

Humans have long been fowling their own environment. Oh well, the gene will survive, not necessarily as humans. Many previous long lines got trimmed off before, but we genes cannot think, so do not care. Erects walked the earth for two million years, and current population is unlikely to beat that record.

We genes have been around for a long time. We came from the last planet that was recycled as planets do. Bits of the previous civilization may have also come, and you may find them as out of order artifacts that make no sense. Some of you say the universe is 13.8 billion years, but that was just the last big bang from a singularity. What happens when two black holes collide at something over light speed, each traveling at something less than light speed? They generate a lot of material and noise so you can hear nothing else until the next happening.

So what does this animal medium fauna really amount too anyway? We genes recycle everything until we cannot, then we become food for oxidation, or other life. What does it matter? change of address, eternity or atoms, to quote Marcus of 2000 years ago. In the end we all just die anyway, but before that happens, get busy and do something. We need exercise.

Your Genes.

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