Friday, October 21, 2016

Who has the right?

Does the government really have the right to tell us what we will or will not do?

We are all equal... well sort of... but not really. Those in power are not superior, they just think they are and lord it over us peons, who are busy doing other things, like making a living and living our diseased lives.

The government has the best of everything, they are the first that get paid through taxes. They have the best of quality of buildings, services, and are the first to screen that they need more, better, new. But what gives the the right to govern in the first place? Well they just take that authority. They govern because we do not resist them.

We need a bit of government, but we do not need as much as we have. We need police to keep the criminals in line, but if people want to self-destruct, we need people to pick up the bodies, but should we be preventing self destruction? We live in an over populated world now. Perhaps we should be teaching people how to overcome depression, frustration, anger, resentment, boredom, apathy, fear, anxiety, lack of direction, and similar "emotional" issues in school, and leaving them to there own devices after that. First, we would need to learn how to do this ourselves. That is the rub.

Schools, and religions are much more concerned about teaching there own philosophy than science, human sciences, and truth. Everything is hypothesis, story, until it is proven. It is teaching hypothesis as fact that created much of the problems that exist.

Once we understand that our expectations are a big part of the problem, and that modern media create these expectations, at the behest of big corporations, we can reduce our expectations. But there are more dream merchants. Religions. These massive organization control masses of people, and some collect up masses of money, much of which rubs off onto the administration, and there lifestyle and comfort. There are other organizations that provide for there people, but the people do not own anything. That is a lifestyle choice. It is the foundation of ashrams, communes, and the like. But do these provide value to the community or just comfort to their people?

So we are free to do or not do much, but not to do other things. What is wrong with doing drugs, alcohol, tobacco, excess food, etc? Do we individual humans still have value to our society? Or is the value in the cash flow required to keep us alive, healthy... well functioning? It appears that this is the real issue, the cash flow required to provide "services". The government is not concerned about humans, but the cash flow, which they depend on. The economy is the first concern, and that is just not the way it should be. It should be the people, next week, next year and for the foreseeable future.

That make sustainable environment critical, population control, and the like issues that the government should be more active in understanding and promoting that understanding to the people. Overeating has a huge impact on the lives of those who are inflicted with this issue; it has a huge impact on health care, and those of us in Canada, the public purse, yet the government does not take the steps necessary to clean our environment even a little bit. So if that is not evidence of where there interests lie, in the cash flow, what is?


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