Friday, October 14, 2016

Overeating, a Collective Maladaptive Behavior

Culture or society has a problem. Collective wrongs in our culture. These produce collective maladaptive behaviors that are learned and not examined by the individual, just learned. Who are we to question our parents? The radio? Television? You can see what era I grew up in. Oh well. These learned maladaptive behaviors and errors cause a collective neurosis or collective problems.

Is overeating at it's start a learned behavior? If our parents were heavy, yes. If our restaurant meals are large, yes. If we are encouraged to intake sugar water, "treats" and the like at every opportunity, and we are, overeating is a collective maladaptive behavior, a collective neuroses, a cultural problem, a societal problem. Oh well.

We as individuals can recognize this, and take action as individuals to redress this behavior, and separate ourselves from this behavior. Other similar collective neurosis include religions, some occupations, some behaviors, some ways of life. Oh well.

Here in Canada, we have a indigenous people culture problem where the young ladies are hitchhiking to get around, and make them prime targets for the predators that do exist. Until the natives realize and accept this, and start protecting themselves, the problem will continue. Our white culture does not take care of such goofy behaviors. This is another collective neurosis, part of a culture.

So to solve these collective neurosis, we need to turn the individual to realize that it is our specific society that causes this problem, and separate ourselves those cultural drivers of overeating. Society is just wrong. We need to step back, and realizing this wrongness, learn to live with truth. We need to live in a god free spiritual level, what Frankl refereed to as noรถlogic dimension. We need to have a clear and present meaning in our lives. We need to know the our culture has some wrong parts, and know what those parts are, and correct for those in our current life, the only one we get. Oh well, itewajda (in the end we all just die anyway).

and on another note: when we like doing something we are not good at, change happens. Managers get promoted on the basis of performance, and luck, timing of retirements, deaths, company growth. So the next in line is not good at handling personnel, or at project management involving many more people. Now what, a big unhappy staff. Stress, distress. Fountain Tire, are you listening, I have heard has a staff problem at some branches. 


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